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Our service to help organizations strengthen their identities, improve performance and profoundly impact the human experience.

Our interior design experts work with you to create the space that you have been dreaming about. We create home interior designs that are unique to you and your preferences. Live the way you deserve with beautiful living room spaces. Check out our complete range of home interior designs and be inspired!

Complete interior design solutions for your living room, starting from spectacular TV units, Kathedra range of sofas and much more. Your kids will love our vibrant interior designs crafted specially to meet the preferences of the little ones. Create home interior designs with ARCHITECTUREY

Our interior designs for your bedroom ensure that you have a serene, beautiful hide-out to escape the world. Create home interior designs for you with ARCHITECTUREY design experts. Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.

Beautiful bedrooms with clever storage designs are a must-have for all urbanites.

Our Strategic and Facility Master Plan process will help your organization identify the best opportunities to maximize a site’s potential, orientation and accesses; dispose of antiquated buildings; to increase utilization of older assets or to grow current facilities without jeopardizing Flexibility, Adaptability and Scalability.

Our organization is highly acclaimed in offering Architectural Designing Services to our clients. The designers hired by our organization have got immense expertise in creation of best architectural structures. Our experts utilize their experience and knowledge fully to cater to requirements of clients.

Availability of materials play a major role in the budget of the project .....using locally available vernacular materials may result in great cut in the budget of the construction. using locally available materials reduces the transportation cost, labor cost, probability of any damage to the materials etc.

In commercial architecture, the budget plays the major role and hence the choice of materials. for example, bamboo as a building material used in south east Asia has a high tensile strength than many alloys of steel and more compressive strength than concrete and yet is very cheap in this area and also responds to the climate very well.

There are many types of construction, but what is commercial construction? Commercial construction involves building projects that can be leased or sold in the private sector. These spaces can be anything from offices and manufacturing plants to medical centers and retail shopping centers. Each commercial construction project varies in size and effort and is unique in its own way.

The designs and layouts of a structure are decided entirely by the client. Each client is unique so projects will be different. In commercial construction, a project can be separated into 3 sizes: small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale.

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